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What are Make Your Own Cigarettes?

Make your own cigarettes are cigarettes that have been made at home with the use of loose tobacco, filtered tubes and a type of machine that injects the tobacco into the tube. Once completed, make your own cigarettes are virtually identical to prepackaged cigarettes in regards to their appearance and taste.

Are there Advantages to Making My Own Cigarettes?

Yes. There are several advantages to making your own cigarettes.


SAVINGS – You can save up to $5 per pack when you make your own cigarettes versus buying prepackaged cigarettes. Typically, you can make a pack of cigarettes for between $1 to $1.75.


FRESHNESS – Make your own cigarettes are much fresher than prepackaged cigarettes. On average the loose tobacco you purchase from our store is less than 2 months old versus some prepackaged cigarettes that can sit on the shelf for years. We have made a commitment to purchase only locally made tobaccos to ensure you get the freshest tobaccos available.


ADDITIVE FREE – Make your own cigarettes use 100% real tobacco versus prepackaged cigarettes that contain up to 50% additives. You can see for yourself that every bit of tobacco that you use in making your cigarettes is actual tobacco leaves. When you purchase prepackaged cigarettes you’re getting reconstituted tobaccos (tobacco dust and stems) and reclaimed tobaccos (tobacco from cigarettes that have gone out of date).

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What Do I Need to Get Started?

You’ll need loose tobacco which is available in 6 styles, including Full Flavor, Mild, Ultra Mild, Menthol, Menthol Mild, and Natural. Just let us know what type of cigarette you like and we can help you to get something for your preferred taste.


You’ll need filtered cigarette tubes which also come in 3 styles, including Full Flavor, Mild and Menthol.


And lastly, you’ll need a cigarette injector. We advise to spend a little more on a metal tabletop machine that will last and is much easier to use. Even though this is the most expensive cost to start making your own cigarettes, it’s a one-time cost that you’ll pay for with in your first few cartons of cigarettes. With proper care, you can expect your machine to last years before the need to replace.

How Long Does it Take to Make One Pack?

Like anything else, practice makes perfect. With the use of a tabletop injector and after making a couple of packs to learn the feel for the tobacco, you can expect to make a pack in approximately 10-15 minutes. Within a couple of weeks you should see that time decrease to as little as 5 minutes.

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